A letter to my friends with infertility

Dear friend,If you are reading this letter, and you struggle with infertility -- I just want to let you know how sorry I am. I know that your pain often goes unnoticed. Your grief invalidated. And your loss trivialized.I also want to say, "Welcome." My blog is about pregnacy loss -- and for those of


Dear God,Today, I caught myself feeling anxious, stressed . . . and well, grumpy. I don't believe that's how you want me to feel or act. Especially when those feelings are over insignificant things like feeling frustrated with potty training, Madelyn being uncooperative, etc.I need a change in perspective. A new attitude. A new heart.Lord, I

From positive to negative, Part 1: All of the damage, none of the joy.

From Positive to Negative: What to expect after pregnancy loss.Part 1: All of the damage, none of the joy.Hope deferred makes the heart sick . . . (Proverbs 13:12)A positive pregnancy test doesn't just tell you that you have some new, crazy hormone in your body that is causing a ridiculous amount of nausea, weepiness, and an

Breaking 11 years of silence: A story of miscarriage at 13 weeks

I am honored today to share the story of a friend who suffered a miscarriage at 13 weeks. She went through her unplanned pregnancy and miscarriage alone. Completely alone. After 11 years, she is breaking the silence and is now talking about her precious baby and the loss that rocked her world.We all have such different experiences in

How am I doing?

I get asked how I am doing a lot. I remember a few weeks after my loss, I was asked causally by a client how I was. I casually said, "I'm doing good." And then, I kinda freaked out. Did I just say, GOOD? Is that true? Am I good? If I am good, does