It is night. I curl up beside my husband. But I am alone.I squeeze my eyes shut. Sleep will not come.But the dream will.It is just a dream. It is everything but a dream.It happens so quickly. It happens so slowly.It is night. Maddy and I are on a boat. For no reason, she falls.Falls.Falls.The dark,

Grief in a vacuum

1vac·u·umb: a state of isolation from outside influences <people who live in a vacuum…so that the world outside them is of no moment  — W. S. Maugham> As a business owner, a wife and a mom, I tend to juggle a lot. But there have been times that I have wished I could just live life in a

Offering grace when others can’t relate.

I would never, never wish the loss of a baby on anyone. However, I have been thinking lately that it would be nice if someone could borrow my pain, just for a day. If everyone could just feel what we feel after losing a baby, just for a bit, they would be so much more

My story — Baby O’s life and legacy

This post has been the hardest to write. But my story, and my healing, will not be complete until I visit this place of pain. It is the place where I have treasured the memories of my daughter, however brief and few they are. In this place, Baby O is still alive. She is bringing

Kristin’s Story — Miscarriage at 20 weeks

Tonight, I am honored to share the story and pictures of Cameron Nicole -- a beautiful baby girl miscarried by Kristin. This momma is so brave in sharing all the heart-rending details of going through pregnancy as an 18-year-old with an abusive boyfriend . . . then having to make the decision to let her