Crazy mom

I have to say, it's been far too long since I've written on this blog.The other day at church, I had a hard time concentrating (which seems to be a theme). I decided to write on my iPhone all the different blog subjects I had "written" about in my head at least partially, but haven't

When a man grieves

Of all the stories I've had the privilege to share, I'm feeling the most honored to share this story -- my husband Ryan's story. When people began questioning how he feels about my blog, as well as how he and Maddy are handling my grief, he offered to write out our story from his perspective. He

Kristi’s Story — A lonely journey through ectopic pregnancy

I'm honored to share Kristi's story of a loss due to ectopic pregnancy.Her story highlights several factors that are unique to an ectopic pregnancy or other early pregnancy loss: A husband often feels so different than the mom about the loss because he hasn't had a chance to bond with the baby. His reactions are often

Blog list on pregnancy loss

I just wanted to pass a link along to my readers! I know that for me, reading other blogs has been very helpful in my journey, but it can be hard to find such blogs.So, I'm super excited to find a great list of pregnancy loss blogs. Here is is: also has a blog list for

Facebook revisited

Sometimes your message can get lost in your words.I don't know if that's what happened with my post about Facebook -- but based on some of the comments I received -- I fear that that might be the case.I've read over my note several times, and besides a few minor word choices, there's not much I