Am I over it?

Yesterday was weird for me.It was a good day mostly -- I had a friend come by for a few hours for lunch before we both headed off for our support group. We stopped by wal-mart on our way to group and picked up ovulation predictor kits . . . laughing because it would be clear

Angel Baby Rose’s Story — a life lost to ectopic pregnancy

Tonight, I'm honored to share the story of angel baby Rose, whose life was lost because her implantation was ectopic (outside of the uterus). Ectopic pregnancies are so scary because two lives are at stake -- and one of those lives is always lost.This momma is so brave in sharing her story, in hopes that other women will

Pics on life, loss and love

Ryan and Maddy have been using Olivia's name more recently, and that is very nice.Some of it might be because after the fallout from my FB note, Ryan and I have been talking more candidly with each other about our loss.Whatever the reason, her name is really nice to hear.Today I wore the necklace my friend Emily


I came across these words today on the comment section of a different blog. "I don’t like the fact that every little issue along life’s path, from miscarriages to spats with family, are glorified these days. Blogged about. FB statuses, galore. Sometimes, just for extra annoyingness, cryptic FB statuses. People spending hours whining about what

Swimming with sharks

I'm a big fan of Shark Week. Which is weird, because I am TERRIFIED of sharks. And every episode has my heart in my thoat, my hands sweating, and my muscles tense.I remember watching one episode where a woman was attacked by a great white shark while she was kayaking near the shore. The shark