Grief after hours

My typical night of blogging involves:1. Staying up till 2 am (or later).2. Engrossing myself in the melodious strains of Meredith Andrews and Laura Story.3. Wiping out a half a roll of toilet paper to take care of my teary eyes and snotty nose.Oh yeah . . . and then I write.Tonight, however, involves staying up till

“I want it all!”

Last weekend, I was in Vegas for my business conference. This year, they added the Prize Patrol. It sounds corny as I write it, but it was actually kinda fun. You're in the middle of a conference soaking in amazing training, when suddenly sirens go off, lights are flashing, and it's time! Time for the Prize Patrol! (I warned

Questions to mull over

Just a short note tonight . . .If you haven't noticed, I've had a lot fewer posts lately. I've been super busy ramping up my business, which has actually been a good distraction. I've been mulling through a few thoughts, but I'd actually love your input. Because as much as I think about each issue,