You left a hole that can’t be filled

Olivia,I'm totally missing you today. Nothing is really filling in the gap you left.And I'm dreading the beginning of August with everything in me. :(My sister asked why I wanted to be pregnant now so badly. She wondered if it was just because  I lost you. I never seemed so anxious to get pregnant before

6 months and counting.

If you're my friend, and you're pregnant . . . please don't be offended. Or maybe, you might not want to read. I still love you. I'm still happy for you. But I'm still sad for me. That just about sums it up.I should have known today would be hard.For some reason, I forget that

Good Grief! A must-read book for grieving families.

I love the title of Erica McNeal's  book, Good Grief! (I like the whole book, too, in case you were wondering.) All of us have used that phrase at one point in our lives. Most of the time, I wager, it's when we're frustrated. Perhaps someone at work made a mistake that cost you time, money or just wasted