Opening up about abortion

Have you ever had words on your heart that you knew you must speak, but dreaded actually opening your mouth?That's a bit where I'm at tonight.Since our pregnancy loss 7 months ago, there has been a topic heavy on my heart, but it's a sensitive subject. Well, "taboo" is probably a closer description.I'm talking about

Does time make it easier?

Tonight I find I'm struggling with insomnia again. That seems to have happened a lot more this month, and I'm not sure why.Today I was blessed in that my mother-in-law took Maddy for a good part of the day. I've been accustomed to having help with Maddy 2-3 times a week so I can work

10-year struggle with infertility, a loss and a hope-filled ending

Someone emailed me 2 weeks ago their story that they put to video. It's the story of a 10-year-long struggle with infertility, the loss of one baby, and a miracle ending for another.For some reason, I just found the email tonight.Tonight, I also heard of another baby who was taken too soon. :(So perhaps, just

What a positive test won’t tell you

I took a pregnancy test this week.Negative.I can't say I was surprised. But just in case it had been positive, I had given myself a pep talk before that epic first pee of the day. "OK, even if it's positive, you have to understand, that doesn't mean you are having a baby. What that means

A day of rememberance.

Today, one of my readers is facing her due date, but not facing the arrival of a child. Her baby didn't make it this far. Thinking of her today and of her precious baby that was taken too soon. No matter how brief, that baby's life is important and their place in this life will