Life in the buckets: Moving on and staying put

´╗┐Do you ever have days where you're not quite sure who you are anymore?I have days like that. Well, I guess I know WHO I am. I'm just not sure which VERSION of me I am.I kinda feel like there are two parts of me. Two equally valid parts. BOTH are me. So, Exhibit A:I'm

A mommy do-over

Just a second ago, I clicked on the little pencil icon  on my blog that indicates that I have something to say, and something that I intend to say well to a lot of people.But I must admit, I clicked on that icon with no ideas, no thesis, no theme in mind.Nothing -- but this

When AF threatens TTC on 13 DPO after 3 BFNs

I can guess that you, my reader, probably fall into 1 of 2 categories:You read my title with ease -- after all, it's written in the language you practically dream in these days (or have dreamt in at one time.)You have no idea what the heck this post is all about. But curiosity won out.If you think