A cardigan, a window, a thief and a lesson on letting go

The other day I had a business meeting at Starbucks (seriously, does work get any better?). I was a little warm, so I took off my cardigan, laid it across the back of my chair, and got back to talking.Later, at home, I went to put my cardigan back on. I couldn't find it. With

Alphabet soup

´╗┐Tonight I find myself in a funk.I FEEL pregnant.And I suppose that that should fill me with excitement and hope -- even as it's too early to test. But instead, I find myself in a total, and I mean TOTAL, funk.Yelling at Maddy, low tolerance for clutter or mess, frustration over just about EVERYTHING.So why?Am

A day in the life . . .

Image source: http://b2beck.com/Today began like yesterday. Laying in bed, ignoring the world. Texting friends. Chatting in my pregnancy loss support groups on Facebook.  Laying in bed some more. Dozing. Researching. Dozing again.Anything except getting up and facing my day. Anything except facing my loss.I skipped church today. I felt like maybe last week was a disaster.