Baby Sophia

Today is the third anniversary of baby Sophia's death and birth.Death... Then birth. I really wish life never happened in that order.My very dear friend, Stacy, had quite the journey before she was blessed with the short life of Sophia.It took her and her husband years of trying and treatment to fall pregnant with their

Mrs. Frumpmeyer

Remember that box I told you about last year? That pretty little tidy box I always try to present myself in?Well, I've been working on breaking out of that box over the last year. And this past week, I'm afraid, I took it a little too far. I'm pretty sure I accidentally smashed the box

Never forgotten

A year ago, I felt lost and forgotten. Two particular memories have been on replay over the last few days.Memory #1It was the second day of Arbonne's training conference. It also was the day I was scheduled to take a pregnancy test after our first month trying to conceive after Olivia.The past several days felt like

One strange life

Life is strange.Yesterday I sat in a meeting for foster care that was just a very weird experience. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not taking anyone's baby. A baby needs a home, and we are making our home and family available to her. Semantics, I know. But I must keep the