Good babies

I was on a shuttle in Las Vegas recently, and overheard a conversation between the parents of a "good" little baby and another passenger."She's such a good baby," they said of the child who was quiet and content even though she was on a shuttle at 4 am. "We keep expecting her to act up

Baby Nolan’s Story

I am so honored to share precious Baby Nolan's story. I so hope that you will take a few minutes to read about this sweet little boy.Dayna is a brave momma who had to make a decision no one ever wants to make. Her story deserves to be told.I am helping Dayna through my business

On being a (crappy) foster mom, and other misc. musings

I should be cleaning my kitchen right now.Ha ha . . . that's how every blog post of mine should start. I should be doing laundry . . . I should be finishing emails . . . I should be relaxing or reading a book . . . I should be sleeping . . .