One of those days.

It's been one of those days.Today has been an up and down kind of day.It's my first day taking care of the kiddos solo since we found out little baby wasn't meant to be.I kinda hate that phrase -- but there you go.I thought I did OK this morning. But you know when you just

What do you do the day your baby dies?

What do you do when you find out your baby is gone?A piece of your world forever changed. A piece of your heart forever gone. A piece of your innocence, never to be reclaimed.So what is there to do when it all comes crashing down?As soon as my eyes opened yesterday morning, the countdown to


I just got home from court for little miss.Today's hearing was to determine if the judge was going to move forward to terminate rights -- or if he would allow the parents an extension to become healthy and safe parents for little miss.The judge did NOT grant an extension.This could mean one of two things:1) The parents

Is treating an ectopic equivalent to murder?

 A few days after I had surgery with Olivia, I was researching ectopic pregnancy blogs and came across this one:[WARNING: if you have had an ectopic, this might be the worst blog to read. So you may just want to stay away.]For the rest of you, you can absolutely read . . . but I'll

An open letter

To those who who have had friends and family die, or you lost your home or livelihood, in the Texas factory explosion . . .To those whose lives have been rocked forever by Boston Marathon bombing . . . To my friend Dionne, whose amazing boyfriend unexpectedly died in his sleep . . . To all my readers