The story no one sees

You see me.A petite woman, cute clothes, and two young kids in tow. My girls are almost perfectly spaced. With little miss still in a infant-seat, it probably seems strange to see me at the OB/GYN getting a blood draw.Probably another pregnancy. Why else would I be getting blood work at the OB's office. Gosh -- what

Hope deferred

This is a story I wish I didn't have to post. Stevie is one of my best friends from way-back-when, and has been a huge support to me through the last several years. I wish she didn't have a story to share -- but I'm thankful and feel honored to be able to share it.Thank

Not my life

Last week I entered a fertility clinic. Wait. REALLY? Am I really going to a fertility clinic now? It doesn't seem real. But it was. As I entered, the male receptionist was super nice and friendly. The chairs were upholstered just so, and coordinated perfectly with the posh carpet and wall hangings. The complimentary hot tea,

On becoming her REAL mommy

Lately, God's been putting it on my heart to check the email I had set up for our open adoption. (Well, if it wasn't God, it was something. Something was pulling at my heart to check it.)Anyway, I had been procrastinating. I guess I feel like there needs to be some separation for me from