Learning to deal

Last night I had a new friend over from my pregnancy loss support group.We gorged ourselves on yummy snack food (ok, I gorged ... She politely ate) from Trader Joes.And we talked about all the normal stuff when you have a new friend (how you met your spouse, why you chose the career you did,

The perks of being a licensed foster parent…

You get to babysit little cuties! Getting my baby fix in!

Where do I fit?

So yesterday, I attended Kitsap HOPE Circle.It's a support group for women who have recently had a child (whether biologically or through foster care/adoption.)Basically, it's the last place on earth I would expect myself to be.I mean, yes, I have recently expanded our family (through foster-to-adopt.) Yes, I have a new baby (to me). And

Welcome new bloggy friends!

Hi fellow ICLW'ers!Thanks so much for stopping by. If you could, please leave a link to your blog--maybe one of your favorite posts -- so I can read your story too!Thanks again for visiting....RachelPS. If you commented, and you don't see it posted... I'm sorry! My hubby sometimes moderates comments. He thought ICLW comments were

Microwave Jesus

Our generation is the generation of instant gratification.We want everything our parents had. But we want it right now -- while we're in our 20s and 30s -- without the decades of work it took to get there. We want to be able to afford the nice car. We want to call the gorgeous 4-bedroom house