Before you’re a mom…

Before you're a mom, people (usually older people) will say something like... " You've never known love until you've held your child."And those of us who maybe had loved before being a mom would maybe snort (or plaster on a less-than-genuine smile) and think... "well, I sure didn't marry my husband because I hated him."But

19 days

"I celebrated Avery’s last birthday ever on October 5, 2012. Except I didn’t know it was her last. Our last. Nineteen days later, on October 24, 2012, Avery died instantly as a result of a single car accident . . ."This is how AVERYday Ministries' blog begins. And yet, the end is not something you might expect .

Poop is still poop. No matter how you fling it.

That's it.I'm changing my name.I'm no longer "Rachel." Or "Mom."I'm "woman who chases tornado baby around the house picking crap off the floor in a far less efficient manner than tornado baby can scatter it."Or maybe "woman who not only cleans poop off baby bottom many times a day, but must also now clean it

Still good in the world

Recently I had blogged about the hard stuff in life. It's still there. And I hadn't wanted to post about all the good things because I felt like that was ignoring the bad. But isn't the opposite equally true? Only posting the bad ignores all the good?So ... Here are a few good things in

Neither here, nor there

Lately I haven't been much up for blogging. Or for posting on facebook. I want to write about some stuff that's going on, but this is neither the time, nor the place (nor am I the person) for it. And I want to share the good... But that feels dishonest because it's not acknowledging the