It's been almost two years, and I never thought I'd be dealing with this still: insomnia. My friend Jeanne has mentioned a few medical issues that could pertain to my ridiculous wide-eyes that insist on seeing 2 am every night, er, morning. Whatever is causing it... It has changed. It used to be that I

A shadow

I should be right around 6 months pregnant right now.It's easy to remember because Elliott was due only 5 days in the month before Maddy was due (Maddy was due January 20th, Elliott was due January 15.)So 5 years ago this month, I was 6 months pregnant with Maddy, we moved into our current house,

It’s complicated

I think I'm pregnant.But I'm probably not.And that's exactly what I tell myself over, and over, and over again.Your boobs really aren't THAT sore. And I'm pretty sure they were more sore yesterday, so that means you're not pregnant.You're always this thirsty. (Not.)That's not pregnancy nose. That's completely normal to gag at the smell of

The comparison trap

Today, a momma friend and I had a playdate (aka, Let our kids run wild for a bit while we enjoy a moment of sanity and coffee.) My house looked worse for wear, but it was a nice break for my soul.Our conversation was very enlightening.Really, your kids hit you in the face, too? I thought to


Little miss trying out arbonne's new baby bath... They are all so cute. Hard to pick just one!!Oh, and Maddy's bed when we went in to check on her. I left her with 5 books to look at and 1 stuffed animal. Not sure how she even got under the covers!Some snuggles with daddy post