Am I having an ectopic pregnancy? My personal story.

Ryan and Maddy, planting Olivia's memorial tree.   If you are reading this blog, you probably fall in 1 of 2 camps:1) You are my friend, and read my blog. (Hi friend!)2) You stumbled upon my blog because you are researching ectopic pregnancy -- either thinking that you may be having one now, or you are looking for

Going back to work

Just before Olivia, I was working part-time at an advertising agency, and was also building my own home-based business. Just weeks before we found out we were pregnant with her, I had promoted in my business and had replaced my income at the agency. And so, two-week-notice it was for my work! I couldn't wait for

What I didn’t know

  Two years ago, I knew I was expecting a baby. I knew life had changed. I had changed. I was changing. A new start. A new beginning.But there were a few things I didn't know.I didn't know she was ectopic. And you know what? I'm glad I didn't know. Because I didn't know, I got