Getting back into the water

I remember the first time I "got back into the water" blogging.I had just written a somewhat controversial post.Maybe I really was feeling bitter? I don't know. I just know that my coping skills had ended. It was just one too many belly shots to handle.I didn't know how to block people on Facebook. I

Guest Post: Good Grief

 A guest post by Andrea GastonIn my inbox, I have a folder labeled: *Waiting. Nestled under that is about ten other folders with different sub-titles and purposes. Some of these folders have become obsolete in their purpose and others have become a mainstay of constant use.This system has given organization to the waiting; however, the

My letter to Olivia

Dear sweet baby girl,I'm sitting at my way-too-cluttered desk right now, tears dripping down my cheeks, with Kleenexes everywhere, and Meredith Andrews belting out with her sweet, sorrowful voice.And I'm instantly back to two years ago. Sitting at the same desk (it was just as cluttered, I'm sure), listening the same music, with mascara-stained tears slipping

Kaylee’s Story: Miscarried baby Zoe at 8 weeks

One of my readers, Kaylee, is facing her due date today. It's an empty due date -- carrying only broken dreams and too-few memories. I really wanted to post her story on this day, because I know how lonely going through an empty due date is. You wonder if you are the only one who

Why miscarriage matters when you’re pro-life

Back in my former life, I was a proofreader. We were a fabulous group of gals. But, I'm not going to lie -- we were pretty nitpicky. And NOT the most popular in the office. In fact, we had not just one book, but multiple books by which we would mentally check each word, each phrase, each sentence. We