Detox kickoff for April

After one of my posts went viral, I had a lot of questions about the detox I did. (And still help others with.)For the most part, I keep this blog separate from my business. And I try to keep it on the topic of loss. But one of the things I most appreciate about the nutrition part

Saying good-bye to a Christian culture

Gay marriage and charity.Divorce and the church.Tragedy and easy answers.These things specifically have been on my brain the last few days quite a bit. What is it that ties these seemingly unrelated things together? Is it God? The Bible? Or is it something much less definitive, much more septic? Could it be Christian culture?I suppose

Confessions of a depressed Christian

Have you ever wondered what depression looks like? It looks like this:   All of these. I look happy, like I do most of the time in public.I still smile. I go out. I shop. I attend family events. I attend trainings and help my team. I go to parties. I have family days. I go

IComLeavWe — Welcome to my blog

Hi new IComLeavWe'ers!I've been so enjoying reading new blogs this week, and trying to give thoughtful comments ("the new hug").If you found me through IComLeavWe, welcome!You'll have to forgive me for not having the appropriate banner on my page. I have tried three times, and in spite of the step-by-step directions . . . and

Heather’s Story: A complicated grief

I feel guilty writing this, as my circumstances are so very different than most here, and I can only imagine the losses any of you are feeling.My first child, a son, was a surprise at my young age. I've since had two fairly healthy daughters as well. With my son, when I was right at