Corin’s Story: Do miracles still happen?

Corin wanted to share her story of her miscarriages, and blighted ovum at 10 weeks. There's a part in her story I could so relate with -- waiting for the God of miracles to act and receive glory. Except it's not the kind of glory she was counting on. I'll let her tell the rest

Blog link: 25 worst expressions to say to an infertile friend

I saw this blog post on Stirrup Queens, and loved it! Plus this blogger is a regular reader here ... And this list is worth reading. And sharing!(so .... Do share. Cause even if you aren't infertile, I guarantee someone you know is.)Oh, and I'm curious what your favorite number is. Mine is #8. It

Why I absolutely cannot recommend adoption

   I want you to know I absolutely cannot recommend adopting.   Financially, you'll have to make some adjustments by adding a child to your home. You might end up with a child who has special needs. And some of those needs might not show up for years down the road! Physically, it can be exhausting to

Fostering-to-Adopt: Our story, Part 1

  Maddy, on the vacation where we started the foster care process. Adopting from foster care.   As a licensed foster parent for the past 5 years, I've seen lots of information -- and lots of mis-information -- about the process. So I feel like it's time to tell our story.¬†How one little

Getting a child — giving up bread — and everything in between

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. (Ok, Ok, I know you were not exactly holding your breath or anything.) But if you were -- we are still alive!So the big news since my most recent post is that last week, we officially adopted our daughter Leyla. :) Yay! She has