Lisa’s Story: Finding the sacred in a baby’s short life

Lisa has written two posts about her miscarriage that she'd like to share with my readers. I hope you find some comfort from her experience. Lisa, thanks so much for reaching out.RachelA person is a person, no matter how small I have been thinking lately about the beauty and sacredness of life.  Especially human life,

Hilary’s Story: Miscarriage at 11 weeks and recurrent pregnancy loss

´╗┐Thank you so much, Hilary, for sharing with us about your son, struggle to keep your pregnancies, and all the physical and emotions behind loss. I know someone will be able to relate. I know I could.Hugs to you.Rachel  Going through a miscarriage by Hilary I've thought about mentioning this on [my blog] for awhile. I'm kind of a

Adoption update # 1 billion and 1

For some reason, tonight, I feel like giving you an update... Maybe it's because we finally heard back from our attorney today. Woot woot!If I were a runner, I could probably come up with a great analogy right about now about what it feels like to be finally facing that finish line and sprinting toward the prize. Alas,