Three tiny, wee little letters we just couldn’t say

In my lifetime, I've met a few phantom babies.Or rather, I didn't meet them.They were the what ifs, could haves, wish it could have beens, once was, now no more babies. They WERE. But they weren't. All at once. Some I called mine. Others I never once had a claim on.I've never seen any of

Calling it for what it is

This. I'm doing this.For whatever reason, today I just know I need to stop ignoring my inability to be on time ANYWHERE, no matter whether it is important to me or not. I am tired of feeling overwhelmed at life. I'm not even talking about grief here, or running a successful business, or any of

On making hard decisions and knowing when enough is enough

The last few weeks, I've had writer's block.I know I SHOULD have written.I should have written a moving post about being a bereaved mom on Mother's Day.I should have written a loving tribute to both Caleb and Elliott as we "celebrated" anniversaries with them this month.I should have written about our amazing family vacation at

Fostering-to-adopt: Our story, Part 2

First, a very few important links you'll want to look over.   Find Part 1 of our story here.   Deanna, Leyla's first foster mom, wrote their version Leyla's story here:  Part 1,  Part 2 and Part 3.   Ok, so without further ado . . . Part 2. It's the first week of January 2013.

Andrea’s Story: Empty arms after recurrent miscarriage

Andrea's story is heartbreaking. I know all the stories I post on here are heart-wrenching, but if you are continuing to read -- I really appreciate you. Every bereaved mom deserves to tell her story! So often with miscarriage -- no matter whether it's a loss at 4 weeks, or a loss at 19 --