You are not super mom. (And that’s a really good thing.)

I am not super mom.I am not super mom.I am not super mom. Not that I've been accused lately of actually BEING super mom. Ummm . . . I don't think that's ever happened. Or is ever likely to happen.But more often than I can count, there has been a voice telling me I am NOT

I bit the bullet

I read from the fabulous Mel at Stirrup Queens that you should finish a draft before you start another post.As I have about 5 drafts recently started (in addition to the 20 someodd that have accumulated through the years) ... And about 50 more stories to edit and post ...I'm blatantly ignoring her advice. (Although,

If I could say one thing

If I could say one thing to a health care worker, it would be this: Just because a loss before 12 weeks is common in your experience, it doesn't mean it is common in mine. This was my baby, my once-in-a-lifetime baby that I loved. Please stop treating me as though my loss is no-big-deal.