Throwback Thursday

As usual, I am laying in bed, head swarming with thoughts I wish to pen. (Is that expression even valid anymore? I'm definitely writing this on my blogger app on my iPhone.)Ok... So thoughts I wish to iPhone out to you.First, today is throwback Thursday. And I don't feel like I have to reach back very

There are more Jenises out there

Photo credit: FBI photoThis week, our community held its breath.We faced some of our worst fears. We whispered prayers to whatever god we believe in. And we watched, and waited and waited, and waited. Soon, it wasn't just our community hoping and praying for a little girl -- a stranger to many of us, yet we

Making room for gratitude — Making room for God

Confession: There are 2 things I don't really love ... Watching TV. And window shopping. It's not that those things don't bring small pleasures in the moment. Trust me ... I love great design, especially in updated houses and darling clothes. But I have noticed that setting out to see things I cannot afford breeds ugly discontentment in my heart. Perhaps

Fostering-to-adopt: Our story, Part 3, The Big Reveal

For my part 3, I'm so excited that Deanna (Leyla's first foster mom) agreed to co-write this post with me. Up until this point, our lives were very much separate. They were foster parents of a darling almost-1-year-old. We were licensed foster parents with no placement and no prospective placements, who just so happened to