Microblog Monday — My deep, dark secret

A microblog is something that I would NORMALLY write on FB, but instead am posting here on my own, personal web space.But honestly, what I'm about to confess I wouldn't normally post on social media. Here's my secret: For most of my life, I've had a crappy self-esteem.For me, I think it is my thorn-in-the-flesh.

When your only loss doesn’t seem to add up

It all started when I broke the news that our baby, Olivia, was gone. She was ectopic ... my tube ruptured ... and she died."I'm so sorry you went through this," my friends would console me. "I've never had a loss. But my friend, so-and-so, had three miscarriages."It was intended for good. The whole, I'm trying to

The lady you shouldn’t have gotten in line behind

For some of you, the following is familiar. Nevertheless, it's still worth putting on the old blog, I think, and not just on Facebook. Feel free to share. . .  The lady in front of you at the grocery store has several kids. Maybe they are closer in age than you think is good family

Vacation, Baby Z, and an MRI

I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted. I have a million drafts that need finishing and reworking, and yet I'm struggling to get those done.A few of you have emailed me your stories recently ... I'm sorry I have also not gotten back with you, but I have read them, and I appreciate

Why my child is not lucky to have me

A little boy has come into our life. We call him Baby Z for short.   He is sweet.   He is cute.   He is a horrible sleeper.   He is loved.   He is small for his age.   He is the cutest little laugher.   He is happy (now).   He is