Rachel’s Story: On remembering the day she realized something was terribly wrong

From one mom of a Madelyn to another -- please know how sad I am for your loss and share in your grief. I absolutely will give my Madelyn an extra hug. Thanks for sharing with us your Madelyn Elise. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl.  RachelAlthough our stories are quite different, our

Jocelyn’s Story: An L&D nurse on the loss of her son Sam

Jocelyn, thank you so very much for sharing your story with us. I'm sorry it took me so long to post it. I hope your story of your son Sam can reach out and encourage someone who understands all too well. Thanks for the beautiful Bible verses you included. Sending love, RachelJuly 30th was probably the

Theresa’s Story: Finding out years later that her abnormal periods were actually miscarriages

Thank you so much Theresa for sharing your story with us. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to hear your news, and then have all that grief fresh again. Sending love, RachelThank you so much for your story. I have always been pro-life and have always been against abortion. I realize that so

A day in the life of a foster mom

Today was an insanely busy day.First, I helped train for an Arbonne conference call.Then it was a social worker appointment and guardian ad litem visit.Then it was a physical therapy appointment (in my home, of course.) Then it was carpool time. And then "clean like crazy for two hours" time, since we had our re-licensing home inspection

Of idols and name tags

The other day, a dear friend sat me down to coffee.You have heard of this momma friend -- she was Leyla's foster mom.Well, God had put something on her heart and she needed to share with me."When I first met you," she started, "you shared about your story with Olivia. And then I began reading