Casting away

I just finished watching Cast Away.A beautiful movie. Tom Hanks did one of the best acting performances I've ever seen. And the part where He reconnects with Kelly. ack .... The tears.They fell extra freely tonight."I am so so sad Kelly isn't here with me now. But I am so grateful she was there with

Microblog Monday: My holy grail

Last night I had another dream.This time, in my dream, I peed on a stick and it turned positive. I was pregnant. In the course of my dream, my belly grew. And grew. And grew. A swollen, laden, precious belly. I don't wish every day to be pregnant anymore. But there are days. Days when I think ahead to

My Monday-Saturday Gospel

Last night, I had the most awful, awful dream.Maddy was kidnapped by her bio mom. (I get that in reality, I'm her bio mom. But in my dream, she was adopted.) She was gone a day and a half before we found her. Her mom had taken her to a sex house. Ryan and I were

Microblog Monday: Finding room for gratitude

Today my daughter raged for 45 min. Full on, screaming rage. She was not happy that she needed to wait to have her shake until after we got home from dropping off Maddy at school.Yep, you guessd it. She raged all the way to school. Raged in the school office. Raged on the way to

Reminders of truth

Hi friends. Yesterday I needed love and support. I asked for it, and so so got it. Thank you.I also needed a good cry, and I got that too. ;)But I also needed truth.You may recall that not so long ago, I wrote a blog that went somewhat viral about letting go. About how getting attached