Pursuit of Purpose Workshop: Session 1

Hey girls. Are you ready to start digging in? All day long, this post has been playing on my mind. What can I share? Where should I start?And then tonight, I get together with a friend deep in the throes of grief. She asks if I will meet her at Starbucks and help her write

Pursuit of Purpose Workshop : Session 2

This is me. Looks fun right? I look happy? Yep. I was happy. And freaking terrified. Right after this picture was taken, the people in the backgound started shaking the bridge. I ran (I mean RAN) off that bridge. Want to know why?(I had hoped to get this post up yesterday, except I fell asleep writing

Pursuit of Purpose Workshop commences!

Recently, I published a few posts about purpose. (You can find them here, here , here and here.)And as I have explored what makes me tick, I've come to realize that helping others find their purpose and their stories are just as important to me. And so I want to know if you want to join

Urgent prayer request

My friend Kristin deserves a baby more than just about anyone I know.Her story resembles mine: HELLP syndrome, which for her resulted in a micro-preemie at 28 weeks, multiple miscarriages, and infertility.And now today they found out their beautiful daughter, their longed-for and hoped-for rainbow baby has died at 24 weeks.I cannot wrap my brain

In pursuit of purpose

Hi friends,so this post just might be really garbled and flow of consciousness. So forgive me. And bear with me while I dig in.A few weeks ago, I asked if any of you felt that you were meant for something more.I am feeling that so much, every day, pressing on my heart. Dreams. Purpose.Vision. Purpose.