Letters and legacies

Recently, my husband's backpacking supplies have gotten out of control in the office.In the effort to reorganize, and clean up our office, Ryan started emptying all the boxes in Maddy's closet. (In hopes of using the freed-up storage for his goods.) He unearthed a simply awful pair of neon red (yes, there is such a thing)

This is the face

This is the face of secondary infertility.This is the face of recurrent pregnancy loss.This is the face of a foster and adoptive mom.And now . . .This is the face of ADD.I received my official diagnosis today. And will start medicine soon (which I will take as needed.)Even as I've suspected things weren't quite right

Microblog Monday: Tight ponytail hair day

It a feeling of overwhelming. A tightness in your chest. It is being completely undone. Fingernails on chalkboards everywhere you turn. It is illogical. Unreasonable.  Inconvenient.  And you know that. But no matter how much you apologize, no matter how much you try not to complain, no matter how irrational you know you are being,

Why I regret sharing my photo with Ellen DeGeneres

Dear Ellen, I like you a lot. I really do. But I have to be super honest with you. I kinda regret sending you a photo recently.  Maybe you saw it, but chances are -- you never will. (Chances are you'll never read this blog either. But maybe I just really need to write it

My game

Dearest readers,A friend and I recently met up and she shared this story with me. I knew in my heart that her story had to be told. (I also wished I could write like her!) She was told by her abuser that she needed to be quiet. She has broken her silence. I'm so proud