It’s not a sin. It’s a crime.

Hey Christians. Here's the deal.I was going to keep quiet. I wanted to keep quiet. I was going to let this one just slide by, and let all the other news sites, bloggers, media junkies, and joe shmoes write about it.But the thing is. I can't.Because I keep reading about it. And because one thing

Christ did not die for me. Here’s why…

I pulled up to a stoplight near our home, the first car in a long line of traffic. It is a busy intersection, hemmed in by a 7-11, Starbucks, Wal-Greens and a supplement store (which in spite of seeing it every day for 6 years, I can't remember the name.) While Spirit 105.3 played over the

Learning the dance of letting go

  I am loving, parenting, mothering a phantom baby.       He is here now. His contagious laughs, frequent night waking, boy toys, and daily Tupperware-cupboard emptying all make his presence known. But it does not look as though he will stay. I know that time will pass as quickly as it does when

Project Get ‘er Done!

Truth:My body does not act or look like what I want it to.Fiction:Since Z moved in (sweet baby), I've kicked my exercise habit to the curb. I believed the lie that I couldn't have a rockstar bod with 3 babies. And I'm not talking skinny -- I'm talking about a body that is strong and

A heart suspended

My beautiful friend Bethany, and her momma, after the delivery of her stillborn baby Mya. This photo says it all. Birds chirp outside on this beautiful Sunday morning. I am sipping my sugared espresso my husband crafted for me, with foamed up half and half (and a scoop of hand-whipped cream for good measure.) Katie