What every mom needs to hear from the pulpit on Mother’s Day

Dear pastors on the day before Mother's Day, No doubt you've just about finished up your sermon by now. Perhaps you are applying the final touches to your message, creating the slides to pass off to your tech team, or figuring out which mothers you'll have stand to be recognized (oldest mother, newest mother, etc.)

Microblog Monday: Laundry

I love the smell of fresh laundry. I love looking at my kids' cute little clothes, and think happy thoughts about the little stinkers. I hate actually doing the laundry. Lately, laundry has brought me a new challenge --- besides taking over my entire living room once a month. As I sort through Z's clothes, I mentally

My top 5 truths about parenting after infertility and loss

My story is a little different than many of yours. My infertility came AFTER my firstborn child. And so maybe for me, parenting after loss or infertility is a little different. I was already mothering a live human before life struck hard. But I really think no matter how we came to this parenting-after-loss-and-infertility gig,