What you deserve — just because you’re you

I've been wrestling a monster for a very long time. Over the years, I've given it various nicknames. Mostly because I never saw my monster face to face. The best I could do is guess what it was based on how it made me feel when we battled it out. I have given it the

To the unsung heroes of Father’s Day

To the unsung heroes of Father's Day´╗┐ I wonder if this is how pastors feel delivering a sermon for Mother's Day. After all, they aren't moms themselves. But they have to somehow encourage moms, and speak as though they get it. Likewise, I've never been a bereaved father. But I feel it's really important to

Self-Care (And Pursuit of Purpose)

With the full expectation of Baby Z leaving our home after the summer, I've decided to make MYSELF a pretty big priority. Not in the "I'm going to drink lots of coffee, eat lots of ice cream, and go shopping whenever I feel sad" kind of priority. But I'm choosing to make self-care a big

Court Update on Baby Z

For those who have checked in on me following court, thanks for caring. In a strange twist, I have actually NOT felt like writing in any shape or form following court last week. It's very different to want to hide inside a shell and not let anyone in -- but that is exactly how I've


Court is tomorrow. It's the date we've had set in place for the last 6 months. Inching ever closer, feeling forever away . . . except it's here. It's caught up with us. The day the judge will likely decree that Baby Z goes home. What can I say? I feel like we are all