10 ways to help a foster child without being a foster parent

As I write this short blog on my phone, I'm cradling Baby Z --- our foster son of almost a year --- in my arms.  He's fitfully sleeping. I just finished singing "You are my sunshine" ... always keenly aware that the words, "You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take

Microblog Monday: 2 ways to write brilliantly

Photo Credit: Dwayne Bent (Flickr), edited with permission1 -- Write what your audience is thinking, feeling, instinctively knows to be their truth, but do not have the words to voice. Write how they feel, give them context to their experience, put language to their truth and they will say, "THIS!! Finally, someone totally understands me!" It is

9 (not-so-average tips) to a healthy 9 months

If you found this post looking for advice like: The best water infusions for healthy hydration How to push out a baby in 3 easy steps Finding the best prenatal yoga class that is a good fit for YOU I'm sorry. You'll just have to go search BabyCenter.  Pregnancy has never been easy for me.

The baby I wanted to miscarry

Dear woman who Googled "how to make myself miscarry," I'm not sure if you know this, but my blog has this feature that lets me see how people find my blog. Many of the search terms make sense: Miscarriage at 20 weeks Ectopic pregnancy What to do if I miscarry Baby loss blogs etc. Every