When Thanksgiving is nothing of what you hoped for, and everything of what you need

I thought I had it easy this year.     Usually, we do two Thanksgivings in one day. Yes, that's right. We attend one gargantuan feast, wait 30 minutes, then go attend the second gargantuan feast.     Bloated bellies are simply par for the course when you have family on both sides living 15

Before you lock your doors so tight . . .

There's a saying going around so quickly it's becoming cliche.     And honestly -- it sounds right. I mean, really really right.   Because, heck, I lock my doors every single night. And I lock my cars. And I double check them. And bolt my windows, and even put the wood or metal sticks in the

Why we are all #Paris and not #Beirut

Tour Eiffel Tower Paris France - creative commons by gnuckx (8594428854).jpg     A few years ago, my little community was rocked by a school shooting. This wasn't your "normal" school shooting at a high school or university. (Oh, and I cringe knowing that there is a "normal" to these events.) This was a

I don’t know how long you’re mine … but I will forever be yours

Dear Z , You don't remember, of course. You were just a tiny thing with big feet, in a whole new world. You didn't know us. You had just moved from a temporary home into our home. I wonder what you felt as Daddy took you from your caretaker, placed you in a car seat,