The moments that pass

    Tonight, I felt completely lost.   It's not the first time. It will likely not be the last.   Z leaving has opened up so much in my life. That sounds so pretty right?   What I mean by that is that Z leaving ripped open a huge, gaping hole in my heart and

Redefining romance

For as long as I live, I will never forget my first Valentine's Day with my would-be hubby, Ryan ... And to clue you in on a little secret, it is memorable for all the wrong reasons.     We were several months into our long-distance relationship. He lived 3 hours Northeast in a lovely

  • The truth about how I love (and don't love) my foster child's mom

The truth about how I love (and don’t love) our foster child’s mom

    I remember the first time I almost hugged *her.*   We had just ended my foster son Z's developmental playgroup and were walking out together. She and I didn't interact much during the week -- but this was a short time we had together. A time where she saw Z interact with me,

The art of embrace

  This post is a part of Micro Blog Monday's. See more here: Stirrup Queens       The cursor blinks at me. An aptly put writing prompt stares back. Inviting me? Or challenging me? "Share your story here..." It is the story that I wrestle with. And yet, how much more beautiful if I could