Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband after loss & infertility

That you have seen me at my absolute worst, and still loved me, still wanted me. That you proved you were in this through thick and thin, through life and through death.

  • If grief doesn't always look like grief -- what does it look like?

When grief doesn’t look like grief

Sometimes sadness looks like anger. Sometimes depression looks like numbness. Sometimes anxiety looks like underwhelm. Sometimes acceptance looks like staying put and not moving on. Sometimes loss looks like love. Sometimes self-preservation looks like fear. Sometimes joy feels like betrayal. Sometimes moving forward means taking steps back. Sometimes you feel it all.   Sometimes you

5 Confessions from the Foster & Adoptive Journey

Today, I'm thrilled to be one of Mike Berry's stops on his blog tour featuring his new book, "Confessions of an Adoptive Parent." Y'all . . . As an adoptive parent, the hard truth is there are some things that I need to confess! (Any me toos?) Adoption and foster care are beautiful. They're also brutal. As Glennon