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How adulting is a lot like having a car accident — then living to tell the tale

I have this bra. Gosh, the thing is ugly. Snake print in muted pastel rainbow colors. I'm not sure why Victoria Secret ever designed this bra, or how they managed to sell it, but somehow it made it's way into my wardrobe and 20 years later, I still have the dang bra. I can't get

Open adoption through foster care: a second chance to connect our daughter with her bio family

  When a foster child comes into your home, they do not come alone. They come with history. I'm not talking about the "stuff" of foster care: the what's and how's and when's of deep loss and love. I'm talking about the who's. When our daughter Leyla came into our lives through foster care, we

Sometimes mommy needs a timeout too

To my two sweet and spunky girls, There are moments when you don't behave the way I want you to. When you are hungry, and instead of asking for a snack, you whine and cry and maybe pick a fight with your sister. It takes me awhile to realize the problem is your low blood

 What an eclipse teaches us about death 

Today I will see a total eclipse. It is not the eclipse millions are counting down the hours to, though it is just as dramatic. It is not the eclipse that will span the heart of our country, though it will span the hearts of many. It is not the eclipse that will block out

An Update On Our Family

So when I started this little blog, I was always pretty good about keeping you all updated on our lives.  The ins and outs of our losses and testing. The ups and downs of social worker visits and court dates. The Love and grief intermingled in the daily moments of family life. And then I