From the lady with the peanut butter hack we didn’t know we needed came the life hack we desperately need

To Bev -- the mom who gave us the peanut butter hack we never knew we needed ... http://   The first time I laughed at you, I felt justified. I wasn't laughing at

If someone looks like they have it easier, just give it some time

My best friend is going through something crazy, horribly hard. I reflect back upon the years in which I struggled with my fertility, and she popped out two kids back to back without any struggle at

How to Support Someone Following a Pregnancy Loss: Guest Post by Sarah Philpott

Today is October 15, Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. I am so honored to bring Sarah Philpott to you today. Sarah is more than a friend to our baby loss community. She is the

How adulting is a lot like having a car accident — then living to tell the tale

I have this bra. Gosh, the thing is ugly. Snake print in muted pastel rainbow colors. I'm not sure why Victoria Secret ever designed this bra, or how they managed to sell it, but somehow

Open adoption through foster care: a second chance to connect our daughter with her bio family

  When a foster child comes into your home, they do not come alone. They come with history. I'm not talking about the "stuff" of foster care: the what's and how's and when's of deep

Sometimes mommy needs a timeout too

To my two sweet and spunky girls, There are moments when you don't behave the way I want you to. When you are hungry, and instead of asking for a snack, you whine and cry

 What an eclipse teaches us about death 

Today I will see a total eclipse. It is not the eclipse millions are counting down the hours to, though it is just as dramatic. It is not the eclipse that will span the heart

An Update On Our Family

So when I started this little blog, I was always pretty good about keeping you all updated on our lives.  The ins and outs of our losses and testing. The ups and downs of social

6 things you absolutely need when you parent a child after loss

Pregnancy after loss was a mind game. But I thought once she was out, once she was pink and breathing, once my body had successfully sustained her life right into my arms, then I would

To the Double-Digit Mom Buying Fruits, Veggies and Lean Protein

To the double-digit mom buying fruits, veggies and lean protein, We met the other day. You saw one of my friends buying donuts ... I'd like to say that was me, but my baby has

  • What this man said made me never want to fly coach with my baby again

What this business man said made me never want to fly coach with a baby again

        I tend to have anxiety. I also tend to overthink the things I'm having anxiety about.   So it was no wonder that when I had a trip scheduled to fly

Pregnancy Loss: Just a bump in the road?

Pregnancy Loss: Is it just a bump in the road of life? Or is it something more? Here's what I learned about pregnancy loss after experiencing it for the first time.

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