Here’s the deal: I don’t know how to do a book review without being straight-up honest. So I’m going to tell you that when I saw that the new book by Sarah Philpott (whom I adore) was a devotional . . . I was hesitant.

I wanted to like it. No scratch that. I wanted to love it.

I wanted to dive right in, and find exactly what I was looking for all those years ago when I was searching for a book at Barnes & Noble while waiting for my miscarriage to start. But my experience with Christian literature on grief or pregnancy loss is that sometimes, it’s just not real talk. I need/want real talk. Maybe it’s because I want to feel like my response was normal. I want to know that I’m not the only one who, after my first, and second, and third losses, struggled so much with anger and jealousy. (Alright, confession. One day at church, I overheard a friend tell someone else about their gender reveal. It seemed people were trying to keep it a secret. I was so caught off guard, I went to the car, cussed, and threw my phone into the dash. Then dissolved into a puddle of tears. That’s what I mean when I say I was angry. And that I need real talk.) Surely I’m not the only one, right?


I didn’t want to read the book, only to discover I was the lone Christian griever who doubted God (and His goodness). And my gosh — I for sure did not want platitudes. And while God’s truth is truth, sometimes it is carried around like a unweildy sword, slicing and dicing hearts in all the wrong ways.


While I knew Sarah’s writing would be amazing, while I knew her heart was golden, I got caught up in the idea of a devotional for pregnancy loss, thinking it was ONLY for spiritual matters, and not much else. And so — I hesitated.


You know what? I didn’t need to to.

Once I dove into the book — actually  Day 2 I believe it was — I began to comprehend Sarah’s mission: To address one topic related to pregnancy loss each day, in short consumable chunks, so you could read and mediate on the words over a cup of tea or coffee and your morning cereal. Which is exactly how I read it.

Not only did I appreciate the bite-size chapters (am I allowed to compare books to food???), I was surprised at how much she jam-packed those chapters with relevant statistics, research and other women’s stories. Which shouldn’t have surprised me. In addition to being a farmer’s wife and a mother, she’s a researcher by trade with her PhD.


While it is a devotional in the truest sense of the word — it is geared toward those with a Christian faith, and does contain some scripture and prayers — it was not over the top. I felt like I could recommend this book to my non-Christian readers and friends, and they would still get their money’s worth out of it — even if parts of the book didn’t speak to their own experiences.


As I progressed, I came to appreciate how thorough and comprehensive it is, with grief exercises, a resource appendix, and so many women’s stories that even if you couldn’t relate to Sarah’s story, there would be someone in the book to whom you could relate.


Last — the book is just darling. I mean, I love great design, and it’s just so pretty on the inside and out. If someone is looking for a book to gift a loved one who is mourning a pregnancy loss — I highly recommend this book! (Actually, I’ve already shared the link to buy with many of my friends who asked for a gift recommendation.)

And Sarah let me GIVE a book away to one of my readers!


I’m so excited to be able to offer this book as a free gift! To enter, simply SHARE this blog post, LIKE the Facebook post on Still Standing or Rachel Lewis, author & speaker, and COMMENT on Facebook that you “shared.” That’s it! So simple! I’ll run a live giveaway on my Facebook page Thursday evening at 8 pm PST to announce the winner.  Be sure to enter!


And if you don’t want to wait, but are ready to get your hands on this book now (and I don’t blame you!), here are the links to order. (But still, enter just in case. You never know. ;))


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