Why I regret sharing my photo with Ellen DeGeneres

Dear Ellen, I like you a lot. I really do. But I have to be super honest with you. I kinda regret sending you a photo recently.  Maybe you saw it, but chances are -- you never will. (Chances are you'll never read this blog either. But maybe I just really need to write it

Fostering-to-adopt: Our story, Part 3, The Big Reveal

For my part 3, I'm so excited that Deanna (Leyla's first foster mom) agreed to co-write this post with me. Up until this point, our lives were very much separate. They were foster parents of a darling almost-1-year-old. We were licensed foster parents with no placement and no prospective placements, who just so happened to

Fostering-to-adopt: Our story, Part 2

First, a very few important links you'll want to look over.   Find Part 1 of our story here.   Deanna, Leyla's first foster mom, wrote their version Leyla's story here:  Part 1,  Part 2 and Part 3.   Ok, so without further ado . . . Part 2. It's the first week of January 2013.

Fostering-to-Adopt: Our story, Part 1

  Maddy, on the vacation where we started the foster care process. Adopting from foster care.   As a licensed foster parent for the past 5 years, I've seen lots of information -- and lots of mis-information -- about the process. So I feel like it's time to tell our story. How one little

One phrase you MUST NOT SAY to an adoptive mom — and 8 reasons why

I've heard it. You've heard it. Maybe you've said it. You know someone. I know someone. Maybe you know 10 someones. And yet saying it is seriously not cool.  "As soon as you adopt, you'll get pregnant." Here are 8 reasons why you should never say this to an adoptive mom. 1  -- No one