Pregnancy 6, Loss 5, Day 3

   I'm 4 weeks and 5 days. Which sounds so early, and yet I'm somehow feeling accomplished even making it this far. When I went in for my blood check yesterday, the receptionist asked if it was my first pregnancy. I literally laughed out loud. "Nope. My 6th."  I watched her look me up and

Pregnancy 6, Loss 5,  Day 2

Here we are ... Pregnancy 6, day 2 Well, technically week 4, day 4 ... But, day 2 of actually knowing I am pregnant. Today felt a little more peaceful than yesterday. Although I will say it's hard to ignore some flashbacks, if you will, of my other early pregnancies. Today I went to an

My Journal: Pregnancy 6, Loss 5, Day 1

The strange thing about getting a positive test after multiple losses, is that you actually don't equate it with a baby anymore. Ryan slept in late, which turned out to be a blessing. I had promised my nurse that I would take a pregnancy test this morning to rule out pregnancy as the reason for

To the unsung heroes of Father’s Day

To the unsung heroes of Father's Day I wonder if this is how pastors feel delivering a sermon for Mother's Day. After all, they aren't moms themselves. But they have to somehow encourage moms, and speak as though they get it. Likewise, I've never been a bereaved father. But I feel it's really important to

A heart suspended

My beautiful friend Bethany, and her momma, after the delivery of her stillborn baby Mya. This photo says it all. Birds chirp outside on this beautiful Sunday morning. I am sipping my sugared espresso my husband crafted for me, with foamed up half and half (and a scoop of hand-whipped cream for good measure.) Katie