• What is 4?

What is 4?

I am not OK. It's easier for me to pretend that I am when I'm with my parents. I get distracted (like helping my dad navigate FB, and helping him start a blog.) My mom pumps me full of delicious food. They help take care of the kids. For a time, a short time, I

Why miscarriage matters when you’re pro-life

Back in my former life, I was a proofreader. We were a fabulous group of gals. But, I'm not going to lie -- we were pretty nitpicky. And NOT the most popular in the office. In fact, we had not just one book, but multiple books by which we would mentally check each word, each phrase, each sentence. We

When a man grieves

Of all the stories I've had the privilege to share, I'm feeling the most honored to share this story -- my husband Ryan's story. When people began questioning how he feels about my blog, as well as how he and Maddy are handling my grief, he offered to write out our story from his perspective. He

9 ways to help a friend through pregnancy loss

Today I heard about another woman who lost has lost her child at 38 weeks. Tonight, as the rest of the world moves on -- as life pulses around us -- this woman is living out her most devastating hours. The day of her baby's birth will also be the day of her beloved daughter's death. Life


So it's 3 am .... And im blogging in bed from my phone. (please forgive me for spelling issues or incorrect punctuation.) I guess insomnia is going to be part of the new me. At least for a while. As soon as we found out something wasn't right with our pregnancy, sleep has alluded me