9 ways to help a friend through pregnancy loss

Today I heard about another woman who lost has lost her child at 38 weeks. Tonight, as the rest of the world moves on -- as life pulses around us -- this woman is living out her most devastating hours. The day of her baby's birth will also be the day of her beloved daughter's death. Life


So it's 3 am .... And im blogging in bed from my phone. (please forgive me for spelling issues or incorrect punctuation.) I guess insomnia is going to be part of the new me. At least for a while. As soon as we found out something wasn't right with our pregnancy, sleep has alluded me

Chronicles of the grieving mom

Just so you know, this post might not be for you. It's not going to be fun. Or fit altogether in this nice, neat little package that makes you feel good inside. Because right now, nothing in my life feels nice or neat. I either feel totally numb and empty -- or so full of