Dear baby, 

You are sleeping here, peacefully in my arms. 

I look at you, and I know how precious you are. That’s what we mamas do best right? We see the value in our children, and we long to nurture them, protect them, and give them the best that we can.

There’s lots of mama all over the world looking at their babies — just like I look at you. They want the same things for their little loves that I hope for you. But other people have decided their babies don’t deserve safety and opportunity. That’s why I’m writing to you now.

You are so innocent. You have no idea that you were born into the middle of a crazy time. Into a country that sees you, my white, “Christian” baby as more valuable, more worth protecting that other babies who don’t look like you — or were born into families that don’t believe as we do.

Right now, the political majority are seeking nationalism. This idea that because many of us were born here in America, we deserve more. We deserve more safety, more security, more money, more opportunity. 

These people say they want to make America great again.

For us, and our babies. For you, sweetheart.

And while, of course, I want you to have opportunity, and safety … These things I long to give you because I am your mommy …. The COST of this greatness is too much. 

“Christian” it seems is the new “blond hair blue eyed.” That is a cost I cannot afford to pay.

And while I long for you to live in a great nation … I do not want this version of greatness they are serving up.

If being great means denying other families the chance to escape senseless violence … I don’t want to be great.

If it means turning away babies — little ones who are just as innocent, just as worthy of protection, just as vulnerable as you are — because they were born in the “wrong side of the world” — this nation can take its greatness back.

If it means being terrified of people who look different, speak differently, or worship a different God….

If it means censoring people who think differently….

If it means silencing those who challenge us….

If it means marginalizing those who are already marginalized …

If it means valuing only one kind of life…

If it means being OK with violence and murder, as long as it does not stain the beautiful shores of our “great nation”….

If this is what it means to be great … I want nothing to do with it.

The greatness I want for you?

I want you to be kind to others, no matter their race or creed.

I want you to have compassion on the less fortunate.

I want you to fight for the rights of others — not just your own — be it on the playground or the political ground.

I want you to see the poor, the oppressed, the hurting, the broken …

I want you to use your voice to speak up, your hands to serve, your heart to love, your arms to stay outstretched, your mind to be open, your feet to stand firm, your eyes to see the marginalized, your legs to carry you where others refuse to go…

This is what it means to be great.

This is the kind greatness our country was built on. It is the opposite of what our country is seeking now.

I do not know what our country will look like as you get older. But I hope you will remember that, no matter what others say or what others do … The choice to be great the way God sees greatness … That choice will always, always be up to you.

I hope that you will be able to say that being great came naturally to you … Because you always saw it being modeled in your home.

I love you sweet girl. You already make me proud to say I’m your mom.

I hope I will make you proud to be my daughter. 



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