Here we are …

Pregnancy 6, day 2

Well, technically week 4, day 4 … But, day 2 of actually knowing I am pregnant.
Today felt a little more peaceful than yesterday. Although I will say it’s hard to ignore some flashbacks, if you will, of my other early pregnancies.

Today I went to an Arbonne workshop with a new zit on my face. And I remembered how when I was pregnant with Olivia, and I went to a workshop, with a new zit. Back then I assumed we were going to keep the baby and I’d have hormonal zits for 9 months.

Turned out we lost the baby and I had hormonal zits for 4 years.

Funny how that turned out.

I promised I wouldn’t beg God. But today, I wanted to. I wanted to remind him this is going to be our last pregnancy, so I wanted it to end right.

The spotting has been pretty consistent. More exhaustion today, and surprisingly more nausea. But I’m leaning toward the progesterone being a reason for the nausea.

I told two friends today, and their reaction was pretty amazing. They cried tears of joy and tears of anticipation and tears of fear.

So many, I know, will not be happy to hear we are pregnant again. It was nice to feel just a glimpse of joy, and share that with others.
**Going through pregnancy after loss can be so hard emotionally. It is a roller coaster. The spoiler alert is that we don’t get to keep this baby. I’m posting my journal of each day of this pregnancy that I wrote through, so others will know that they are not alone.**

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