Today I created an ornament for Baby O. And just in time to take down the tree — although I did put the ornament on and take a picture before starting to take down the tree.

I bought an adorable pair of newborn black and white flats and tied a silver ribbon around it. It works better for me than a traditional keepsake ornament that is so vague. This one says exactly what I want it to say about Baby O: I am a tiny little baby. I’m supposed to be here to celebrate Christmas with you. I am a part of your family. My shoes will never be filled by another. I am precious and missed beyond compare.

I’ll keep the shoes in the box with all of Baby O’s sympathy cards and other memorabilia that we’ve collected — not that I have much.  I’m also using a cute pink velevet journal with a heart on the front to write letters to her.

We are burying the tissue that I passed in a pot with an oak tree seed my sister sent us to remember her by. One day, that oak tree will grow big and strong. Sending a tree was so thoughtful of Sarah

I had taken a picture of positive pregnancy test. I plan to print out that picture and place it in the box. When I feel like I’m forgetting — like I was never really pregnant to begin with — I look at that picture and it reminds me of how real it all was not so long ago.

Other gifts we’ve received are flowers from my friends at work, Ryan’s work, my friend Melissa, and both the pastors at work. Several dear friends have brought by food. (In fact, I haven’t had to cook in 3 weeks. What a relief!) My friend Meredith sent an amazing book, Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow.

My friend Abby came over and kept us occupied with games. She fixed dinner for us, and brought us a frozen dinner as well. And she let me talk as much as I needed. They even bought me a keepsake to remember our baby by. My sister, Judy, and her family stayed with us. She let me talk and cry as I needed. Kept me distracted. Planned Maddy’s party. Cooked meals and went grocery shopping.  And cleaned my ENTIRE house.  My mom and in-laws have watched Maddy a ton. And my mom has come over anytime I’ve asked to keep me company, fix meals, and clean my house. I have spent a LOT of time with my parents lately!

I’ve had so much support — I don’t know what I would have done without it.

In spite of everything, today I find myself wishing I could go back in time. It really wasn’t that long ago — and I was pregnant for 7 weeks (really only 5 — but 7 sounds more solid). But I was just so happy. Having another baby was a blessing and a joy I didn’t think I’d ever have again.

Ryan and I still have not decided what to do as far as whether or not to get pregnant. He feels like pregnancy is a death sentence. Not that I can blame him. The poor man has been called home or to the hospital in an emergency situation during my pregnancies more times than I can count. (Ok, I could probably count if I tried.)

But the truth is, me being pregnant scares him. Like, “I’m going to lose my wife and raise Madelyn by myself” scary. He admitted to me that when he came to the hospital for my surgery to fix the ruptured tube, he really thought he was coming to say a final goodbye. (I was in so much pain, he could barely make out that he needed to meet me at the hospital right then for surgery.)  Who can blame him for being hesitant to try again?

I’m scared too. But I was at such peace with my pregnancy with Baby O. I really think that I could do this again, and I want a baby more than anything in the world.


I guess that’s it for me tonight.

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