There’s a a trick-or-treater missing from your doorstep this Halloween.

Our family rings your bell, our kids in tow, all cute and adorable, and you say so. And just before you close the door, you catch a flicker of emotion on my face, but I cover with a smile, quickly ducking my head as I turn away from your gaze.

It was a moment long enough to give you pause, but not long enough for you to understand why.
But I ache to tell you why:

There should have been another, you see. 

A sheep or a firefighter. A raggedy-Ann, or a mermaid. A dinosaur or princess. A witch. A goblin … 

A ghost.

A ghost of what could have been, what should have been, what we all wanted to have been. The deep desire in our hearts, the love that knows no bounds, the child we had for too short a time.

There is a trick-or-treater missing from your doorstep today. And I’d like to take just a minute and introduce you to that child … 
The one we didn’t get to keep.

Dedicated to all the families missing a child this Halloween. You are not forgotten. And we honor the love and legacy you hold for your babies.

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