If you are looking to offer hope and healing to women who are facing a difficult season, consider Rachel Lewis for your next speaking event.

Coming from her own experiences with infertility, repeat pregnancy loss, fostering and adoption, Rachel brings compelling stories of inspiration from personal hardship, as well as tangible hope in redemption. Rachel can relate to the broader experiences many women struggle with, such as:

  • Disillusionment when life doesn’t go according to plan.
  • Questioning God’s goodness and presence when the most heartfelt prayers are answered with a resounding no.
  • Loneliness when their journey looks so different from those around them.
  • Difficulty holding on to hope and faith in the face of loss.


Highlights from Rachel’s Story

Weaving together heartfelt stories, scripture, and research, Rachel draws in listeners with her captivating and calming presence. She holds space for all the feelings these challenging circumstances bring about while offering:

  • Practical tools for moving forward in their lives while incorporating their losses into their story.
  • Permission to wrestle with their disappointment in God and in life, and find a faith worth holding on to.
  • Hope that when they can’t find a reason for their suffering, God offers something better — redemption.
  • How to create a community of support.

“Rachel was a joy to have in Lubbock to speak at our annual memorial service for parents of loss. It was an honor for her to share her story as she provided comfort for those in attendance and the nearly 500 that watched it as it was streaming and later. Almost a year later, I still hear about how much her message impacted those in need. She was prepared and that helped our team get ready for her talk. What a blessing to have her speak and we hope to have her back in the future!”

Suzy Emre

Founder & President, PILA Lubbock, www.pilalubbock.org

“Rachel shares her heartfelt story of love and loss in a way that touches anyone who hears it. She can bring you to tears and laughter all while leaving you with a feeling of hope. Rachel is an amazing mentor and inspiration to the loss mom community.”

Jenny Rogers

Bereaved Mother

“Rachel is an engaging speaker who uses her life experiences to make others feel seen. We loved having Rachel come speak at our MOPS group. She not only brought ideas on how to tie into our theme, but listened nd helped make her talk relevant to our group. Her message was incredible. She shares from her heart with humor, love, truth, and care for her audience. After she spoke, she stayed and had heart-to-heart talks with our moms. Rachel Lewis is a treasure.”

Sarah Troutman

MOPS Group Leader

Rachel is a powerful speaker, with a dynamic and moving message. Her story is poignant and allows others to really connect with her.

Mary Snyder

Speaker Relations Director, Compassion International

Is Rachel Right for Your Next Speaking Event?

If you are looking for a powerful speaker for your next:

  • women’s event or retreat
  • MOPS group
  • pregnancy or infant loss awareness event
  • a 4-session workshop for bereaved couples

Connect with Rachel today to inquire about her speaking availability, rates, and her available talks. Simply fill out the form below to connect.

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